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New Whitestar Spatial Data Layers - Data Hub Tech Talk

This information session, led by GIS Librarian Bruce Godfrey, will introduce attendees to a new set of foundational data layers for performing geospatial research and analysis in Idaho.  The College of Natural Resources and the Library recently partnered on a subscription to fifty-three (53) foundational data layers for all of Idaho and a few counties in surrounding states.  These data are being made available to those across the U of I.  Access and use of these data is restricted to active students, faculty, staff, and sponsored affiliates for university-related research and teaching purposes. These data are to be used for teaching, for class projects, for research activities, but not for commercial or personal projects. Available layers include parcels, states, counties, cities, towns, airfield points, cemeteries, educational institutions, golf courses, government facilities, health care facilities, locality points, misc localities, parks, penal institutions, religious institutions, summits mountain peaks, transportation facilities, primary roads, secondary roads, streets, misc. roads, trails and alleys, 4WD trails, railroads, monorail and ski lifts, powerlines, fencelines, rivers, shorelines, levees, ridgelines, lakes, tribal lands, glaciers, islands, military installations, misc. landmarks, dams, runways/taxiways, national forests, national parks, wind turbines, contours, building footprints, wetlands, oil and gas wells, townships, sections, quarter sections, quarter-quarter sections, government lots, tracts.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023
12:30pm - 1:30pm
Data Hub presentation / collaboration space
University of Idaho - Moscow campus
Data Hub
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