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Fun and efficient data wrangling in R: an introduction to the tidyverse

Getting, cleaning, and analyzing data are essential components of scientific workflows, but learning the skills needed to efficiently obtain and clean data can be difficult. R is a powerful tool for these tasks, and it is made more powerful by external packages, such as the “tidyverse” set of packages. In this workshop, we will use R and the tidyverse to work through the programming skills that are routinely needed for real data analyses. Whether you are just beginning in R or have some more experience, we’ll explore tools that make your data analysis workflows more fun and efficient, opening up new creative possibilities for you and your data.

To get the most of this workshop, please bring a laptop with a relatively recent installation of the free applications R and RStudio, and run the line: install.packages("tidyverse") ahead of time in the R console.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018
12:30pm - 2:30pm
First Floor Classroom (business hours)
University of Idaho - Moscow campus
Adrienne Marshall
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