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Using GeoDesign to create future climate stories (GIS Day @ U of I Workshop)

Geodesign attempts to answer the question, "How do we get from now to the best possible future?" In this special topics workshop offered in parallel with GIS Day @ U of I, we will walk through a condensed version of a Geodesign process to tell a climate data story for a study area in a changing climate. We will identify how different scenarios of change in the population, land use, and climate of a region can lead to different future landuse and landcover possibilities.

Specifically, participants will use an online ESRI geo planning tool (geoplanner.arcgis.com) to run several models of future scenarios to inform their climate data stories for a specific local area.  Participants will prepare input layers for the ESRI tool using the QGIS open-source tool with climate projections downloaded from the Climate Toolbox (ClimateToolbox.org).  Participants will set scenario assumptions for change and impact modelling in the ESRI tool and visualize the results in different geospatial layers on a map. Afterwards, participants will share their climate stories with the group.

A live stream will be available for this hybrid event. Please indicate in the registration form if you would like to join in person or online. Registration is free and open to everyone. Classroom location TBA. This will be a hands on workshop, so please bring a laptop!

Thursday, November 18, 2021
2:00pm - 5:30pm
Second Floor Classroom
University of Idaho - Moscow campus
Dan Cronan, Katherine Hegewisch
Library Workshop
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